Music Projects

One of my main musical interests is composition, and I have written successful compositions for many different types of musical styles including pieces for orchestra, small groups, saxophone ensemble, and string quartet. I am also keen on exploring and writing electronic and guitar based music for my rock band Karma for Vandals.

First page of the score for “The Lynn Canal”

I earned a ‘highly commended’ accolade in a competition run by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra for one of my early compositions “Winter’s Dawn”. As my compositional abilities matured, I was lucky enough to have a number of my pieces premiered throughout my four years of study in Aberdeen.

The Lynn Canal

A particular highlight was a concert in celebration of the composer Diana Burrell at the Sound Festival in 2018. The University of Aberdeen Saxophone Ensemble played the premiere of my composition “The Lynn Canal” in the presence of Diana Burrell herself.

Scott is himself a saxophone player and this piece was very nicely shaped in the way it used the differently pitched saxophones. There were several attractive solos and I thought that rhythm was at the very heart of the piece.” (Alan Cooper October 2018)

Pangea Ultima

A particularly proud moment saw me taking first place to win the the prestigious Carlaw-Ogston Composition Prize in 2018 with my piece “Pangea Ultima”.

“Both rhythm and melody were thrown back and forth in a marvellous way between the two instruments. So much in this piece was both delightful and very surprising.”


Also in Aberdeen, I was proud to have my first ever piece for symphony orchestra “Monachopsis” played by the University of Aberdeen Symphony Orchestra, the solo guitar part played by my friend Mike.


I was thrilled to have my first composition for string quartet ‘Y.M.E’ premiered at Leith Theatre in June 2019, with my younger brother playing the cello part! I’m also excited about a brand new orchestral piece that is going to be played by the Kings Philharmonic Wind Orchestra in Aberdeen.

Karma for Vandals

I write music for my band Karma for Vandals, and play guitars, electronics and keyboards. The band focus on creating an immersive live show through a combination of samples and performed music, experimenting with multiple genres. The band have played a number of live concerts, and a number of their compositions have been recorded.